Born from too many nights of malt based seltzers that turned into hungover wasted days, we present Island District. The canned cocktail that provides crisp, clean, refreshing choice for tonight’s you + better tomorrows. 
When Island District began two friends paddled out with high intentions of creating a better-for-you canned cocktail that pushed the boundaries of existing options. Delivering premium experience in a can, complimented by a brand that emulates the mindset of escape. We saw the rise of the function based beverage market as an opportunity to create a hybrid canned cocktail. Driven by a proactive not a reactive mindset.  
We realized that drinking isn’t about the 4-6 hour experience out at a bar or at home with friends – its about the pregame, the night out, the night’s sleep, and the morning after. Let’s not treat the hangover when it happens, let’s change the experience and let’s can it. But wait, let’s make sure it is simple, hydrating and taste really good. We care about what we put into our bodies as much as we care about what we put into our cans and we think you should too. Thus was born our tagline – better tomorrows. We want you to have the best day today, everyday and then one – up it tomorrow. 
Created by two friends James + Kayla in a small coastal town of New Hampshire, specifically in an area called the, “Island District”.
James- a life guard, turned Naval Academy graduate has always had an affinity for the water. An avid surfer and fisherman— Growing up spending his summers on the New Hampshire Seacoast. Inspired by the coastal lifestyle James has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After completing his service and returning home he dipped his toes in the restaurant business. This experience in particular helped smooth the sea for the vision and opportunity for something missing in the beverage space.
In addition to James, Kayla was also raised on the Seacoast of New Hampshire where she was always found in on or next to the sea. Kayla played lacrosse at Boston College and later started her own sustainable clothing brand. This venture provided the space to grow and navigate the startup journey. Fast forward to the creation of Island District—Kayla fused her background for health and fitness and her love of design to create the backbone of Island District Company.
James and Kayla were over the groggy mornings, where the only option was to break your fog with a quick dip in the sea. Fueled by their active adventurous lifestyle, their drive to create something different, experience and a little liquid confidence, we proudly present to you...


I S L A N D   D I S T R I C T

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